Portuguese company "Sousa's Vieira & Veloso" originated in 1997 offers trustworthy goods where quality of material and human hand are the weightiest part of the process. Years of experience made us a strong pivot inside the fashion market. Our company valorizes detail over mass production with low standards.
Fair compensation and value are offered to our employees which we truly respect and hear ideas from - we chase a healthy environment to all. We aim to accomplish the wishes of contemporary individuals - contemporary clients that seek for the ultimate standard. With a open-minded and a desire for challenges, our knitwear company positively provokes its main owner to re-invent himself day-by-day.

"We received nice samples! Fitting was really good (...) everything was really nice"


"Today we received the leggins, very nice!"


"I am amazed with everything I saw and the acuity provided to my collection"